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About Us

Schwerdtle's Distinguished History of Innovation

The Schwerdtle Company has been serving satisfied customers since 1879. We are a 4th Generation, family-owned business, run by the brother and sister team of John (Schwerdtle) and Kathy (Saint).

The Schwerdtle Stamp Company is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Our company is made up of five divisions that all revolve around "getting a customer's art onto their part".

135+ years ago we started as engravers and metal die makers. These other divisions cater more to the industrial world. Such as our Silicone Die division, Steel division, and Branding divisions manufacture tools, dies and fixtures for marking and decorating a variety of materials including plastic, metal, leather and wood.

The center of all of our businesses is our in-house technical art department and it is second to none. We understand how important it is to get your logo and brand identity perfect. After all, our clients like Chevrolet, Ford, Sikorsky Aircraft, GE, Whirlpool, Clinique, L'Oreal and hundreds of popular brand names you see everyday trust Schwerdtle with their product marking jobs. Why wouldn't you?

We have "135+ years of experience" making our customers look good. So you can trust us when WE PROMISE to make your company logo look great -no matter what it's printed on.


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The Schwerdtle Stamp Co.
PO Box 1461
Bridgeport, CT 06601-1461

41 Benham Ave, Bpt., CT

Phone: 203.330.2750
Fax: 203.330.2760
Sales: 800.535.0004 (USA only)